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WordPress for newbies

You're a complete newbie to Wordpress and you want to start your own self-hosted Wordpress blog. ... [MORE]

 Jun 25th, 2017      358      
Make a custom login, register and lost password form

Take a look to here to make a custom login, register and "lost password" form, so that you can stay... [MORE]

 Sep 4th, 2016      372      
Our top 10 premium magazine themes

Al Youm Al Youm Sahifa Sahifa MH... [MORE]

 Jul 24th, 2016      407      
Build your own WP theme with Bootstrap

Even with the huge choice of plugins and different themes we have it is always pleasant to build... [MORE]

 Jun 10th, 2016      328      
Building an advanced wordpress search using wp-query Many websites... [MORE]

 Jun 10th, 2016      313      
The pros of a Bulgarian server
 Jul 23rd, 2021      13      
 Feb 9th, 2021      90      
Directory submission
 Feb 1st, 2021      97      
Free Music Files – Pro Music Track free download
 Jan 3rd, 2021      140      
Retired? Make Money Selling E-books
 Dec 29th, 2020      159