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Navbar – Bootstrap 4 – sticky Navbar

In the latest version of Bootstrap, Bootstrap 4 Beta, affix is not supported any longer. If you... [MORE]

 Nov 24th, 2018      380      
How to Boost Up Your Website Load Time

By Avinash Panchal - With the increased speed of internet, internet users, who could tolerate the... [MORE]

 Aug 19th, 2017      1080      
Speed testing practice report

<!--Globinvesting Magazine-->One of my blogs was tested on Pindom. Main sites to test... [MORE]

 Jul 7th, 2017      378      
Donald Trump on computer safety

[videe_widget width=640 height=480 autosize=true autoplay=true loop=false volume=100... [MORE]

 Feb 2nd, 2017      284