The pros of a Bulgarian server

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Slow server

This hosting has servers in several parts of the world but seems to originate from Darmstadt in Germany. First a small link to mentionings of the flood factor of Darmstadt where flood risks are very low. At contrary near the coast the situation was much worse.

The Bulgarian server is called “slow hosting” as maybe you know already if you read the information on those typical runhosting webstores. During the night it’s always harder to log in. But here in Belgium where you are guaranteed on the Bulgarian server you could always log in and blog at the time of the writing of this post.

It depends thus a little bit on what you want to do with your hosting if it is recommended or not to buy it when live or work in the zone on the Bulgarian server.

Runhosting is mainly php hosting, the paid versions also have asp.

Not recommended for e-commerce in West and South Europe.

Warm welcome to U.K. and U.S. commentors!

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