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“99,9% netwerk-uptime” What does this mean?

  •  admin
  •  Sep 12, 2019

The guaranteed 99.9% network uptime must be correctly understood. It does not apply to problems resulting from server hardware failure, user error, or deliberate disruption(s) to the hosting service. Also, there are no errors caused by software that we do not support. Do not use a third-party monitoring service as proof of downtime due to a number of factors, including the network capacity of the monitor or the availability of throughput.

Per-server uptime, you need to understand the uptime reported by our own operating system and Apache web server, which may differ from the uptime reported by other individual services.

When registering for our service, you will find all this in the agreement and in more detail. If there is something important you want to know better, talk about it by starting a chat session.


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