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WordPress the most popular CMS since 2005

  •  admin
  •  Aug 31, 2019

WordPress became known among the average Internet users around 2005. The blogging era had started and didn’t stop since then. After several updates it also seemed it didn’t only fit for blogs but also always more websites were built on this platform. The difference between a blog and a website, considered from the point of view of a WordPress user is not so big. A blog exits mostly out of blog posts, written with “post” while for a website more work is made from the pages written with item “page” in the admin’s WordPress menu. A website has mostly a blog as well, but this is for SEO reasons and qua design blogposts of a website have more a submissive role. And then grace to the Woocommerce plugin it has become extremely easy to run an online store.

One C(ontent) M(anagement) S(ystem) for many different kind of blogs

Blogs go from strictly personal (e.g., a personal blog or diary) to highly professional (e.g. a professional affiliate blog). Bloggers who are not professional and even haven’t the intension to become so, will easier make use of a social blogging platform as blogger.com, wordpress.com and many more. Or they install the WordPress software on free hosting.

The super easy WordPress installation

You don’t need any IT knowledge to get the installation done by yourself because you can just make use of the Zacky one-click-installation program where you do a number of choices and then install the program in less than a minute. While if you do the installation with FTP depending on the speed of your hosting it takes much longer to do the installation. First you have to upload some thousands of files to you webspace and only then you can start the manual installation.

WordPress hosting for professional bloggers

The cheapest paid hosting for professional bloggers is personal hosting. Then you have space for 2 domains. But many professionals work with a lot of domains, e.g., realtors or affiliate marketeers, and for that purpose they buy business hosting which is only a little bit cheaper but with which you can host an endless number of domains although there are limits. Not related to the space because that has the name of being endless also but just in the number of files you keep on your hosting. These are called the inodes.

Running an ecommerce on WordPress with Woocommerce

The hosting to run for an ecommerce depends for a big part on the number of different products you think to upload to your store. Not to your stock, because that’s only a number automatically updated after each sale or updating of the products in your store. When you’re totally stuck on this topic, start a chat session on this site. It’s without obligation and you’ll be at least some further. Or submit your business idea in a forum and see what they say.


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