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Conducting promotion is the biggest challenge at the start of your new business. Once the administrative obligations have been fulfilled and a location has been found, you are ready to receive the first customer and help you further. But you cannot just sit and wait passively until it comes to you. Especially if your business is somewhat remote (for example outside a busy shopping center) you must “tell” the people that your business exists. And of course what your services are. Here are some inexpensive and less inexpensive ways to make you and your business heard. Banner psd created by freepik –

The classic promotion through the advertising agency

Make your business profitable! That is the motto under which advertising agencies work. Those who do not know how to find customers go to an advertising agency spontaneously. But advertising agencies are expensive. Consequently, the average businessman sees them as a marketing tool “for later”. or for when the company is running at full speed and, for example, wants to conduct extra advertising campaigns for the annual parties.

Find cheaper solutions

Perfecting the corporate identity

London Trafalgar square publicity

London Trafalgar Square publicity

Larger firms fling millions against creating a corporate identity and maintaining it. Everyone knows their logo. Just think of companies such as:
Adidas, Amazon, Apple, Axa, Britishairways, Canon, Coca-cola, Danone, Dell, Deutsche Bank AG, The Walt Disney Company, Durex, Honda, Facebook, Ford, Google, Huawei, IBM, IKEA, ING, Instagram, Knorr, Lenovo, Lukoil, Maggi, McDonalds, McDonalds Corporate, Microsoft, Motorola, Nikon, Nestlé, Yahoo!, Yahama, Suzuki, Sony, Singapore Airlines, Samsung, Sandisk, Royal Bank of Scotland.

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