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Semi-Dedicated Hosting: A Shared Dedicated Hosting
By []Smantha Watson

The semi-dedicated web hosting can be regarded as a shared dedicated hosting. It is in fact a hybrid of shared and dedicated web hosting. It is similar to dedicated hosting in a way that the hybrid provides the robustness and reliability of this hosting type, whereas shared hosting has more than one (limited) number of users.

The semi-dedicated hosting is a shared type of hosting with a limited number of sites. It involves three to five users for one server. The bandwidth and the power is the same; all sites only share the money paid to the server. Such service is employed by the users who require resources in between a shared hosting and a solely operated server in dedicated hosting.

Such hosting service offers several noticeable features. Semi or shared dedicated hosting can be regarded as an upgraded form of shared hosting. It offers unlimited disk space and backup storage opportunities. Unlike shared hosting, it has no problem of bandwidth usage. It allows you to have unlimited upload and down load opportunity. The unlimited bandwidth never reduces the speed, even during the down times. It also offers unlimited hosting as well as sub-domains.

This hybrid type of hosting can be easily managed by the user through a simple web interface. In fact, it allows you to run the server the way you want. The tasks like installing libraries, additional software, tweaking settings on Apache, PHP, or on other system daemons can be operated according to your special requirements.

As compared to the shared hosting, the distribution of resources is more organized and uniform in semi-dedicated hosting. The technological support of the this type of hosting is up to the mark. The resources such as dedicated system resources offer greater CPU power and RAM capacity up to 12 GB. This helps you to run more traffic intensive websites as well as more complex scripts and software. Regardless of the same IP, the System Administration task management in semi-dedicated servers never lets you suffer for others’ mistakes. It ensures the data security through security features like Antivirus, Firewall, Anti spam, content compression, multi-homed network and Brute force detection.

The semi-dedicated hosting also features email hosting. It includes mail box, online chatting, secure IMAP and POP, Auto-responders, forwarders, Manual email filtering, spam blocker and webmail. Large servers also offer search engine features for the business sites.

As it involves very few users, the response time is not affected. The response time is almost equivalent to that of dedicated hosting. A less populated server will enable the visitors or subscribers to browse quickly. You will obviously be able to generate quick replies. All these features are offered for just $50 to $80 per month.

A number of hosting service providers rule the US market. Keeping in view the importance of the hosting services, it is very important to select the registered company or server. It is better to connect to the one offering one moth money back guarantee.

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